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Renergy Power Plants Group provides a complete range of services, to support you in the whole process of development and implementation. We have the resources and the expertise necessary to develop, design, implement and commission fully-integrated solar solutions.
Engineering, consulting and expertise
Contracting and construction
Operation and maintenance
Engineering, consulting and expertise

Renergy Power Plants, with its expertise in the PV Plants environment, delivers a full range of services, engineering, mechanical installation and electrical installation.

A proper technical approach is essential to create valuable power plant assets and secure sustainable growth.

Our experienced team support your business before, during and after the construction, which ensure seamless processes and customized solutions, in the client best interest.

We gather requirements, conduct site analysis, determine which system fits best customers’ needs. The journey from concept to project is a long and a clear perspective of customer’s interests and requirements in order to determine the success. We optimize the development process by combining local presence, valuable international experience and know-how.

We design according to international and “local” standards, in order to minimize costs and maximize system lifetime, providing accurate cost evaluations and detailed overviews and forecasts.

>We support our customers selecting components, relying exclusively on premium products, without losing sight of the price. Our supply chain network ensures purchasing power and timely delivery.

  • Technical due diligences support
  • Technical advisory in international tenders (PPA and FIT policies)
  • Site Evaluation
  • Solar resource assessments
  • Environmental impact assessments (EIA)
  • Grid impact study and analysis
  • Grid connection facilities design (including paperwork preparation)
  • Electrical design
  • Mechanical design
  • Civil Design
  • CCTV
  • Substation design
  • HV-MV-AC-DC optimization
  • Project management
  • Suppliers assessments
  • Health & Safety management
  • Commissioning and start-up
  • Troubleshooting (PV decommissioning, PV revamping)
  • Suppliers assessments
Contracting and construction
  • Construction services (Turn key, BOS)
  • Plug and Play Power stations and customer substations design and construction
  • Mechanical, civil, electrical works

Our approach to construction is a proactive engineering, aimed to achieve economic goals matching the best time saving schedule, providing “on site” efficient solutions.

During the construction phase our customers can count in a collaborative “solution and problem solving provider“.

We support our customers with rigorous project management standards: our specialists ensure a flawless process, an optimized installation speed cutting down labour and costs saving environmental impact maximizing the economic results over the whole life of the plant. Once we complete construction, we can assist our customers in the commissioning phases according to the highest international standards and in compliance with local regulations.

Operation and maintenance
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Plant Performance Analysis
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Spare Parts management

In the photovoltaic industry, the term O&M describes a set of activities, most of them technical in nature, which enable power plants to perform their task of producing energy in compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

O&M “on the ground” activities can be described as on field technical fixes and corrective settings, vegetation control and security.

A proper “Operation and Maintenance” schedule lead to:

  • Optimization of plant production for increased asset revenue;
  • Reduction of risks for asset owners and investors;
  • Protection of asset value and longevity;
  • Compliance with applicable regulations (e.g., those set forth by the grid operator or environmental governance bodies);
  • Transparency on plant production, performance, issues, risks and O&M activities.

Solar Power Plants

Our company has the necessary resources, knowledge and experience to build any kind of photovoltaic power plants.
Ground Mounted

These systems provide the flexibility to install arrays in open spaces, for a wide variety of commercial and utility-scale photovoltaic projects. Renergy Power Plants Group has the appropriate ground-mount racking system for almost any geotechnical situation, either is pre-engineered or designed, especially to meet your business needs.


We can turn an ordinary rooftop into a solar power plant, so you can generate your own power on site and enjoy the benefits of reliable power with significant reduced energy costs and great energy output. Renergy Power Plants Group delivers high-efficiency, rooftop solar installations and services, to ensure your solar system will always run to peak performance.